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Heritage and History The Legacy of Calvert Academy

Virgil Hillyer's Legacy: 100 Years and Counting

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remote school history
accessible education
Calvert beginnings

Two years after Calvert School opened, Virgil Hillyer was recruited to be the Calvert School's first Head Master in 1897. He was a visionary Harvard graduate who had a passion for making high quality education available to children who wouldn't be able to attend in person. Appealing to students because of Hillyer's insistence that the learning maintain a "Game Spirit" and parents because it provides high quality education, the curriculum soared in popularity. It was a worldwide phenomenon by the 1930s. Virgil would be thrilled to see Calvert students now have the opportunity for direct enrollment into one or more of the 10+ participating universities.

The Calvert Curriculum: Who Else Uses It?

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Calvert success stories
international eduation

The U.S. Department of Defense began making the Calvert curriculum available for some families stationed overseas as early as 1940. It is recommended by the U.S. Foreign Services and has educated students in remote locations such as the Alaskan coastline and the children of missionaries in Africa. The curriculum also benefits homeschoolers, athletes and performers, struggling students, homebound students, international students seeking an American education and many military families and families living overseas. Now through the Calvert Academy Pathways program students can be ensured of a quality post high school education as well.

The Modern Intersection: Where Heritage Meets Innovation

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accessible education
virtual classrooms

The lessons behind the famous Calvert silhouette once had to be delivered by boat, camel or dogsled. Much of that material can now be sent as bits and bytes. The technology revolution has streamlined interaction with instructors and Academic Coaches and provides the opportunity for students to interact with one another in a safe and valuable way. Educational support and enrichment is available to today's students with speed and accessibility that surpasses any generation before. Ask about how technology has made it possible for students around the world to receive an accredited high school diploma from Maryland and then go on to attend a U.S. University.