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English Proficiency Certificate Program

English Proficiency Certificate Program: What is it About?

High school students take a minimum of 2 Calvert Language Arts online courses and can earn a certificate documenting their English proficiency. This certificate program is prolific in reading, writing and speaking opportunities to challenge students and perfect their acquisition of the English language.

Upon completion of the coursework, the students are prepared to take the language proficiency test Versant TM by Pearson.

English Proficiency Certificate: What are the Benefits?

Our EP Certificate program is designed for students who want to document their mastery level of the English language, through our accredited school certification program.

  • This certificate will be helpful in improving and advancing employment opportunities.
  • A qualifying score on the Versant Language Proficiency test will meet the requirement for a student F1 visa.
  • Provides documentation of online learning experience in our US accredited school.

English Proficiency Certificate: What about the Certificate?

The certificates are granted after successful completion of the coursework and the VersantTMexam. Certificate levels are tiered as follows:

  1. Basic English Proficiency Level 1 - Required Versant test score: 50 – 56. A score of 56 or higher is needed to qualify for an F1 Student Visa.
  2. Intermediate English Proficiency Level 2 - Required Versant test score: 57 – 68
  3. High Intermediate English Proficiency Level 3 - Required Versant test score: 69 – 78
  4. English Proficient Diploma Level 4 - Required Versant test score: 79 -80